• The iClooPlayer is the world’s first and only reverse video player without file conversion procedure.
  • Version:1.0.3

Main Features

The iClooPlayer is the reverse video player without file conversion procedure and also is able to capture video from other video player and replay it backward direction.
  • Playback every frame forward and backward direction
  • Playback Frame by frame forward and backward direction
  • Speed control forward and backward direction with speed(x¼ ~ x32)
  • Bookmark with still image and move to bookmark
  • Still image capture(the original image and size)
  • Repeat(Play forward and backward on the period)
  • Digital zoom

Special Features

In addition to main features, several special features are provided to make video analysis more easier. Using jog&shuttle device, it is very easier to control playback.
  • Drawing on the image(draw line, rectangle and circle etc. and capture or recording the
    result image)Youtube Link
  • Jog & shuttle device control playback like diirection change, speed change and frame by frame controlYoutube Link
  • Color adjustment and improvement (Color adjustment and improvement and edge detection etc.)
  • Security aid(mosaic, blurring and highlighting on the specified area and recording result to other video file)

Application area

While a movie is playing, the features of focusing on a specific moment can be applied in all areas of dealing the video because you can easily playback all the frames forward and backward
  • Sport game analysis
  • Golf swing analysis
  • Dancing lesson
  • Sports action camera video playback
  • Mobile camera video analysis
  • CCTV video analysisYoutube Link
  • High speed camera video analysis
  • Surgery video analysis


Using the SDK for iClooPlayer you can easily add a reverse playback and frame-by-frame playback function to your video processing S/W. We also encourage you to increase the competitiveness of your products.
  • Coming soon.
  • You can easily add the backward playback function to your S/W using SDK.
  • Contact to support@brainkeys.co.kr