• The iClooPlayer player is the world’s first and only reverse video player without file conversion procedure.
  • System requirement
  • OS : Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32/64 bits)
  • CPU : Over Core2Quad
  • Memory : 4G
  • Version:1.0.2

Comparison Table

Comparison Table
Features Freeware Licensed version
Backward 10sec. Up to 2min.
Bookmark/Capture/Zoom O O
Frame by Frame(Forward and Backward) O O
Speed Control(x¼ ~ x32) O O
Repeat period O O
Jog&Shuttle support X O
Drawing(Drawing/Capture/Recording) O O
Security(Mosaic/Capture/Recording) O O
No. of mosaic area 1 5
Logo embedding on recording file. O X

Revision History
> Play audio in Windows10
> Drawing on the video
> Add mosaic, blurring and highlight effect to the video
> Recording to new video file
> Color control and adjustment
> Refine backward playback
> Release